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Business English Courses for Corporate Clients

BEST Business English offers Business English courses to individuals and groups in the corporate sector. Would you like to become more confident delivering presentations, preparing for an important interview, conducting negotiations or do you wish to improve your fluency and confidence? If so, I will tailor a Business English course for you that is focused on the English that you need in your field of business whether that be IT, insurance, retail, marketing or the financial sector.

In addition, I offer short, tailor-made English pronunciation courses. Communicating clearly and credibly with international contacts is essential. If you feel that your pronunciation lets you down, I will develop an English pronunciation course that addresses the characteristic difficulties of English that you experience.

Business English Course

All language training is free of VAT!​

BEST Business English is registered with the CRKBO. This means that no VAT is added to the price of your language training.

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Business English Courses Options

Individual Business English Course

Do you need English for your professional life or career progression? I recognize that not all businesses are the same, and for that reason I will tailor your Business English course to your needs and goals as well as to your industry or sector. ​

My one-to-one courses are advantageous to English learners as you will receive 100% of my attention. You will have extensive practice of the skills you wish to improve whether that be writing reports and emails, delivering presentations, brushing up on your negotiation and meeting skills or improving your grammatical accuracy. Crucially, I will provide you with regular feedback enabling you to make necessary corrections that you can put into practice right away. ​

Business English Group Courses

In an increasingly connected world, more and more professionals are required to communicate with colleagues, clients and contacts in English. ​

I will consult with you to customize your course content to ensure it relates to your specific industry, department or role in order to teach the language skills you need. Everyone in your group will have extensive practice of the skills they wish to improve. Think of brushing up on negotiation and meeting skills, writing reports and emails, delivering presentations or improving grammatical accuracy. I will provide regular personalized feedback to each individual, enabling them to make necessary corrections and to put them into practice right away. The minimum number of participants for group courses is 2, and the maximum is 6.

Pronunciation Tuition

Your English is influenced by your mother tongue. This is most striking in the case of pronunciation where the phonological features of your first language influence your spoken English. For example, for Dutch speakers it is not natural to pronounce the English ‘th’ sound. This gives rise to, for example, a Dutch, Turkish or Spanish accent.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach as every non-native English speaker presents with different pronunciation challenges. That is why I will address the phonological aspects of English that affect you personally and tailor your course around these challenges.​ This will enable you to have greater awareness, confidence and control of your English pronunciation.

MVRDV - The Valley. Photograph by Ossip van Duivenbode.

What Clients Say

“Dankzij de training zijn mijn uitspraak en kennis van de taal enorm verbeterd. Rosalind heeft veel geduld maar ook humor en het was een plezier om deze training te volgen!”

~ Meike de Bruin, trajectbegeleider bij HVO Querido

“I took a course with Rosalind to work on my pronunciation. (I’m a native Turkish speaker). I enjoyed it very much and my pronunciation and confidence have improved greatly. I strongly recommend Rosalind.”

~ B. Sen

“The best thing about my experience with Rosalind is that she is able to tailor her teaching to the learners’ personal level, using examples and vocabulary from the relevant sector. Rosalind is clearly passionate about delivering superb training, and she spends a lot of time preparing the classes to ensure that they run smoothly and efficiently. A definite recommendation!”

~ R. Murto

About Rosalind


My name is Rosalind McNab, and I am the owner and trainer at BEST Business English. I am a Cambridge-certified English trainer (CELTA) and native speaker who has lived in the Netherlands for over 20 years. I have been providing in-company Business English training throughout the Netherlands since 2016. I am passionate about customizing my courses to the requirements and industry or role of the client. ​

Prior to teaching, I worked as a designer in the fashion industry. That role took me all over the world where I worked with colleagues for whom English was a second or even a third language. This motivated me to further advance my knowledge of English and I became specialized in teaching English to adults by acquiring my CELTA qualification. (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults).​

Since leaving the fashion industry, I have immersed myself in a multitude of business sectors through my work as a language trainer. I have experience with clients in banking, commercial companies, IT, insurance and many others.

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MVRDV - The Valley. Photograph by Ossip van Duivenbode.